West Crest Park

Bio: I am computer nerd since the Commodore Vic 20 and am retired from career job maintaining HP3000 mainframes globally for a freight forwarding company that handled the logistics. I had a CVA that robbed my left frontal lobe after six years with the company. I had to relearn my language and still my math coprofessor is not healthy enough to even make change, that is multiplication tables I have to restudy that portion of my left lobe brain, but I haven't got the will. I was given the wrong medication on April of 2004 that caused me to get depressed for they were slowing down my brain and Anti-psychotic drug named respirdone. I was then labeled at a hospital that treats mental illness, Fair Fax bipolor. The doctor at the same hospital I was born in 1976 before all trying to commit suicide gave me the respirdone and I am on a class action lawsuit hopefully for damages that I suffered on that medication but the doctor who prescribed me this respirdone, an anti psychotic drug didn't understand me for I was suffering aphasia a problem from having a stroke, so I ended up with more problems with this drug. I want to sue for malpractice for I did not need to be given this poison. I have very strong emotions about this matter as it affected my entire life to the point where my love of my life, my wife and kids no longer live at home, a divorce is being readied for me to sign. I am working on a novel about my struggles with non prescription and prescription medications and soon hopefully going to publish. I am an avid writer and enjoy the keyboard. I was using the keyboard and the speed at which I can write for that portion of the brain was not affected, I was simply able to do my ABCs using qwert uipop, the keyboard. Amazing I think for my recovery but society treated me unjustified with no honor for the gift I was put on earth to do. I have empathy for others and the drugs have been blocking my real human emotions and I want to stop all drugs, including caffeine and be free of them all, but that is a life time. I plan on making or starting a company to develop quantum computers, in a science fiction book or in real life, I want to upload to a virtual heaven once I pass my lifetime and live forever. The technology doesn't exist but my faith does and that is all I need. A soul of a new machine.

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