Visit the post of this car I paid off before it was used for survival.  I had my car stereo and jacket and a gun stolen when I was smoking crack, and I got into my car and the guy who stole my shit, was pointing my gun to me and wanted me to get him my keys, I was ragged and pissed off and I pushed the gas to the metal and ran into a house avoiding the guy aiming at me my own gun, he hit the car a few times of the Torus .22 revolver 9 shots it loaded.  And I hit the side of the crack house and this another crack smoker a White Guys car and then I took off, the car was on fire and I had to get home and unfuck this mess, this happened 2003 but, the stroke I had in 2004 was the stress of this event that haunted me, now it’s past statute of limitation, but now I can say, I fucked myself by getting high on Crack, last time I used crack was March 17th, 2005.  I will never use that drug again.  I am a drug addict just like Hunter S. Thompson and I like to write, so I hope his spirit is with me while I am taking it sober for the Stewart house on Capitol Hillt for more.

Source: GTA3


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