Christmas Morning no kids and no love

I am editing old pictures of 108 Gigabytes of photos and videos I recorded for a 13 years with the kids, and since year 2000 I have a collection of media, and then film scanned in, it’s so much work to organize this all but I had to for my laptop my life-book A series Fujitsu is filling up, and I mirror all pictures and the documents to a server that is updated and synced so if I lose the lap top I have a backup, and like wise with the server.  I need to finish this up today and backup , take a nap and store my backup to my bank and not worry about people stealing my data.  That’s what i want and I have been able to work nonstop by the rage of anger powering me up to see the love of this family that is absent to my home.

My wife made the decision to end this marriage and separate for the actions I did out of control and been busted by the police for GTA6, and it’s now filling into my body and mind, and soul and spirit that I would have rather be in Jail then home alone.

I can hardly make a sentence as I’m rummy doing all this organization of my data that hopefully I have pruned down the media.  I have to put stuff on the server that is projects for this is just to much to carry all this stock images.  I have 127 Gigabytes of pictures and videos and 32 Gigs of documents like created,  That’s is all the creations of all that I have done in the past 10 years.  I have movies and other data too but those are not backed up or do I care like mp3s and music, I created 159 Gigabytes of data.  I need to reduce as much as  I can and might make a request for a cloud server, but this is a lot of a data.  DSCN0028


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