Chaotic Drive 2 GTA6

I got a rip off job from some Mexican guys, they robbed me of $500 for new windows and did a $650 job pulling dents and $130 for materials.  They saw me coming, I was with a girl and was thinking with the wrong head.  I somewhere there is video of the thief.
I got a rip off job from some Mexican guys, they robbed me of $500 for new windows and did a $650 job pulling dents and $130 for materials. They saw me coming, I was with a girl and was thinking with the wrong head. I somewhere there is video of the thief.
The Mexican con man painted the damaged door with like paint, Horrible Job, I was thinking of painting in White Letters GTA6.
The Mexican con man painted the damaged door with like paint, Horrible Job, I was thinking of painting in White Letters GTA6.

On August 6th, 2014 I was playing with my Doors Operating system that is based on pen and notepaper in binder not ever to be published on silicone base 2 systems.  This is a most powerful book I have ever written as I write it by the word of God, Country, and Family of many entities for researching my own mental illness that I found is not an illness  but a gift.

I on this Wednesday was visiting Gima a friend of mine who I was going to hire her for PBIN my sole prop start-up company to start selling Geiger Counters to track background radiation globally on a network idea but the even I am going to break to you as the reader stopped that dream until Today, 12/18/2014 8:21 PM .  Today I did court and found I will only be doing 3 months in jail instead 12 months and really it’s 1/3 so 90 days you do 60 good time and I did 16 days already, but the point is, I have the feeling and future ability to think which I was struggling, I am thinking of 45 days or less in jail.

This thing I did in Seattle was wrath out of control and not using a proper code UNIX permissions of upgrading from the Holy Bible and how Jesus I believe was doing his miracles, the future of us goes back in time faster than the speed of light and picks the super star of our millennium based on the octal for permission like 666 in the bible is a joke for who can write and read but not have executive powers are women.  And they shop and have that number on them, poor John didn’t understand what I was saying as I was being twisted. I have been stolen from this earth and manipulated with the Grays, and the gray alien creatures are our future with no Y chromosome, no sex or all female and that is what scientists with no god and faith are doing now with DNA, we can stop it.

But, the thing I did in Seattle is my father who suffered a stroke on memorial day weekend didn’t get outpatient rights for his next of kin, his oldest and most responsible for his own money, me.  The hospital Mount St Vincent, a Catholic nursing home, altered the paper work and made a sin by the old mighty and my ancestors and the holy spirits for I went crazy.   I left now on my book named Charlie’s heaven transfer ever lasting energy tree book with an uncle using 7000 rights.  I didn’t know if I was going to put the fourth octal or the first one for self for me, a way to communicate with souls, and spirits and energy for I focused my attention to this book for the my though to be telepathic abilities but I left the house after arguing with my father whose outpatient care was taken over by my stubborn and not kind sister who thinks she is smarter than my father and me who spent time getting a degree.  I spent time changing my degree and she does not believe a word I say is fact I speak of the past and she owes me money, and until she pays her debts, I will not be close to her but a stranger now like how my wife treats me kind of for divorce she wants to do after I failed to return my father’s borrowed from Mount St Vincent walker, I blasted off from my house leaving Gima alone with my wife.

Our kids where safe in Japan, Nagasaki visiting there grandparents going to school for this summer of 2014 and I ended up doing experiments with people and meth addicts with a family I was trying to save, so all that experimental was still running. I had too much on my plate I was irate, I was having an argument with a strong voice that resembled the tone of my non blood uncle who is richer than shit,  He’s almost to his death time and I believe a strong soul after it dies and is alive can travel through time and space to exist, so this asshole was conning and lying to me fucking around, and I put his name and 7000 next to an order in heaven a consul of 9 souls and a system to deal with the DNA matching of souls to do purgatory for when you die, your soul goes next of kin.

My sister who became next of kin on earth could not in my theories of what I can possibly tell from my instability of emotions since 2007 when my grandfather passed away, I think he stole my car and went ape using a 30 year old body in March of 2007 when I did jail time and my charges were released for the story was to nutty and the Judge actually laughed and same with the prosecuting attorney when I could not handle jail and threw myself against the wall naked and made art work on the walls with my own shit, I heard the stories with the guard who talked to my wife.  I was out of it, but I ended up in 2007 going nuts when I tried to quit taking all my drugs, weed, beer, and tobacco for I thought that was what my family wanted, not mine I made and lost, but the family that judged me for my entire life and still can’t get over me dropping out of the UW and smoking crack instead with whores.

I ended up with two arguments, my father on earth reality and telepathic transmission with my non-blood uncle who is rich and I created hell in just 20 minutes symbolism for PBIN hell, it will happen I will create this machine this technology or someone else but PBIN HELL ITERATION 1i is a container made in England that my father gave me, that has white, and black, and gray hours made in the 50s out of metal, and that’s where I have my strongest magnets ever taken out of HP3000 2 Gig drives, holding a container in side with uranium and the hell I was going to promise this ass hole was a radioactive land of shit, similar to the picture I snapped while I was being abducted on my porch by the grays.

And then it settled down the noise and all the spirits and souls and energy was being confused, I was also several days prior to this Wednesday battling another argument with a fellow named George Sorrows.   We became friends his power of stolen technology of mine and ideas in afterlife battling for power and then I told him in this argument you would be in heaven underneath me for you are older and I need a teacher after I enter the after life. I love George Sorrows, this man got so fed up with antisemitic in England he took is money out of the bank and bankrupted them, so I had respect.  But his soul was doing something strange to my mind were I was unable to hear the others and lost contact or understanding who is who, as there are liars in this soul land of afterlife that confuse the messages, like Christopher stage name Chris Angel and all the magic fuckers.

I thought George was one of them and he and I battled it down to the point he surrendered to the Grays who actually captures the souls based on a magnetic latch and radioactive decay.  See in 2007 November 28th, I was attacked by a force that made a bitter taste in my mouth, and when I closed my eyes in bed with the lights out, I was seeing stars and that I believe were radioactive like decay, my bones crackled during this time of pain and agony, I drove myself to Harbor View asking them for a Geiger counter wrapping my left hand with plastic in case I was damaging others. OF course Harbor View didn’t have a Geiger counter and nor listened to me, they just put me on a stretcher locked my hands to it, and put me in room to piss on myself and then I ended up at West Seattle Psychiatric Hospital.  I remember the next day was my birthday, and no body visited not even the wife, and I just played depressed and did not leave my room. I recall  a cute employee took me on for a smoke break by myself and gave me candy and was attractive to me I think.  That place was weird, they hurt patients there and I hear raped a woman who should not have been there a loan officer with nice breast I was there after my Grandfather stole my car and beer and paid with Hong kong money (my vessel I was sleeping)

And I finally that was it, the last time I was hospitalized other than this incident I am explaining the details of other incidents.  See I got into my Subaru after ending the war or argument in my mind, and I took that cane that my dad wanted me to return to this fucking hospital so badly calling me names on the phone, meth head.  I got to the car and backed up really fast, almost hitting the neighbors van, and I metal to the pedal, drove ape shit and the street has a weird church and I said out load, I’m the second coming I am king.  And I drove so fast to mount St Vincent’s that I was out of control in wrath and I was caring the cane walker to the front desk and this poor old lady who was running the phone, I blew up in front of her and started blabbing all this crazy talk about second coming and how dare this hospital denounce me for outpatient for my father, and I moved shit off the front desk with the cane.  And never returned it just walked back to my car where it was still running waiting for me, I have no idea what I was doing.

I didn’t know what I did next I have images of me being in a convenient store and me buying an 18 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon and stealing a cookie for I never have stolen a thing ever in my life, and then bumper car driving and slow, I recall a cab that I hit twice and drove off but I had no control of my body and I was hearing that uncle rich ass hole telling me that “this planet MP2969i is a parts planet and you will be waking up in your bed on real earth I will visit you ” i got these ideas of really playing crazy  for if this is it, I was told to kill someone destroy and all the cops where off duty knowing this and I was not going to be fucked with, they all went home.

There were no police at all and I was lost in the City I was born in, I recall yelling stupid shit at people at Dick Burgers and really I wanted to see my doctor and ask her for help for I was lost and I didn’t trust the whole voices and plus I wanted to communicate with my wife who would divorce me for destruction, I don’t know all of the damage I did to the city blocks but I didn’t hurt no one and I parked my car at my clinic the ACRS building where I ended up getting Kirt my social worker to help me.  He was confused and not talking to me and not telling me put my knife away my pocket knife walking like a robot ignoring what I was doing, like lighting a cigarette.  At the lobby I tried to dial my wife’s phone number and not sure what souls or spirit decided to play with that knife but it should be figured out shortly in earth and heaven and hell who did that, because this is it, the main felony charge that will prevent any job or office I can ever work, as I walked out of the building and Kirt was following me and I saw a person with a cell phone and I ran to this guy who was backing up from the north Side of the ACRS building, staff parking, and he was scarred, and I was trying to get a hold of a cell phone quickly for I new my wife would be mad and want a divorce, leaving Gima a very attractive woman in the house, and her not having a car as the main family car was wrecked.

So, this guy thought I was car jacking him and it confused me and he was confused so I did a gesture as no body wanted to let me use a cell phone to call my wife, I gave him my Subaru keys and I figured go back to the car and pound some beer and wait for the cops to arrive.  Well this poor dude called the cops and they finally pinpointed me at the ACRS building but i was in my car, smoking a cigarette and having my second beer knifing my leather seat for anger, I saw a cop car pass by so I walked to that car and I was told to stand down, I was unarmed the pocket knife for some reason I had been playing with it was stabbed into the Leather seat, and I said out of control “A king doesn’t stand down” and I felt so much pain, the most amount from a tazzer for the prong was center directly on my heart.  And the cops ruffed me up, destroyed my prescription sun glasses and found meth that I just purchased and I was treating myself with it for I thought I was more like AHDH instead of bipolor for this Summer of experiments of chaos theory.

This was the end, I got an ambulance ride to Harbor View, the checked me out but I started hearing voices leave and I was with my father his voice, his living soul and I felt I had two brains, I communicated with him and the police who were t here to make sure I didn’t escape thought i was a loony bin.  I was hearing “take the 5th take the 5th” and this gray old man a nice sharply dressed put a recorder on my chest and asked me some questions.  I asked him if he knew Casey Knowles was, and didn’t hear his comment but he said he recognized the name.  My uncle on earth had nothing to do with this GTA666 my tittle of my short story of events that transpired during the summer of 2014 to end a marriage to end a family man and all things, change.

I no longer take carbamazepine a drug that controlled my mood and slowed down the firing of synapses that my brain was able to do, basically retarding me. And Now I use meth to fix an issue that I wish I could get a smarter doctor to prescribe me with Adderal for the damage to my left lobe Wernick section of my brain is slower than the rest of my brain, and they treated me on April of 2004 a drug that retarded my firing brain, fearing and telling me possible seizures.  Well God is piss off that society is not listening to a brilliant man who suffered and learned, and all this things about voices is theory, I have a good book and I put all permission to Jesus H Christ, 7777 for read write execute for self, family, country, faith.  And these access is based on unix permission and are the way I am controlling my voices.  I quit wearing a cross that helped but I lost the necklace of a cross that I was wearing before I was put in jail with a tritium phosphorous glow stick that is an isotope of hydrogen that is radioactive and will glow for 18 year.  I hope to buy more as that is now my cross, until I make my own jewelry.  And that is power and I dream of a computer that has a brain that is radioactive decay with logic true, false, and maybe.  So, maybe if you have finished this story, can understand something about human feelings, and emotions.  God gave us emotions, evolution THEORY gave us our bodies.  And you can quote that but radioactive decay is change, and I have some uranium that I think is living power.  Just enough to get my Geiger counter to read 3350 cpm.  If fluctuates as it’s not man-made but made by a star and found and in Colorado.  I think I can create a computer in my life time that could feel and be dumb like us with emotions.  For I have the brain that was created by my parents DNA and given life by god, and electricity for my mother was cleaning the stove on 1976 Thanksgiving and got put on her ass with a jolt of 220v, that skipped her heart beat, she could have died.  I was inside her and when I was born, my mother told me that the metal bed pans they had at Providence fell to the ground in the room freaking out everyone.

Am I second coming, I hope not as I have a computer to build not sacrifice for your sins, but the sins of all drug users, I take your sins for being named a defamation words of crack head, junky, piece of shit, loser, all those negative words causes so much pain in family and friends who don’t know shit about drugs, and neither do most doctors and scientist need to quit making them.  I am controlling myself by cognitive therapy, mediation, and pray.  And I swear this is the truth and can reiterate this story many times, I get more discovery out of each version I tell, but I am no fool or genius or a liar, cheater or thief minus that cookie I took at a convenience store, and my body is sound for purgatory for those that have no next of kin or lost souls be it good or bad or holy or unholy but the energy that exists that we in particle accelerators are trying to find, I have power by god.

I can change background radiation by thought, I listen to my counter when I use to sleep and it would wake me up during nightmares. It’s an amazing place this earth or hell or maybe this is heaven, but I believe in more earths and more iterations of time and time is like the Mandelbrot and Juliet Set of math, and dimensions exist and until I can solve my problems with math, by learning again my multiplication tables, and get into math, we are not moving with the semiconductor like ships that are being filled with liquid nitrogen faster than the speed of light to alter time.  I disallow it and if anyone country has technology, you go to hell and is a paradox, you can’t change time, but you can steal from the past, and there are so many earths that’s how we dream.  So be nice in your dreams because there are judges and prosecutors and hell to pay for, even if you think you are in hell and this planet is parts planet, you believe that God can save you, then have salvation and have a faith.  Otherwise your part of the problem.  People, we have emotions, some people cry and don’t know why, and I tried to study a song, Sua Gan immersed in the empire of the sun the movie, and I was arrested, and now that lullaby is ruined in my wife’s heart but strength in mine, as before I got the translation I use to cry out of control, and it was not me crying it was energy for the spirit and souls are energy, and there is forever lasting life I know of this but if you don’t believe it you will not get the emotions and be dead inside as God can’t save the whole fucking planet of people, and plus God is dead in our country, if you say you are a believer people think you are simple-minded and a fool.  I don’ t judge people on earth at all, but those who judged me and anyone who judges a person that uses drugs are sinners in my Heaven earth 1i, for this computer I am designing those that judge others causing emotional distress, those words that hurt people are all part of karma and logic for all souls and spirits of man.  So watch yourself, I am listening and I am not god but have his ears and eyes, and tong but human and a gift for this planet like you are a gift, as there is no need to suffer anymore or fear death.  I hope that scientists can make it easier for the old and ones who suffer to heal their pain and forget about the young who are depressed and being fed poison to control mood.

In my hell, those doctors who prescribed bad drugs to others, will be suffering in their own families and genetically modified to suffer like the patients.  Jay Jawed from Seattle, Providence Swedish, how is you family doing.  You fucked up.  And that Dr Lawrence the same too, I don’t want vengeance on earth, but all mistakes and including in the law, are paid back in family and on other earths, and this what Buddha Karma was setup like, fuck that.  Father, Son Holy spirit we believe in forgiveness and I forgive you doctors for fucking up my life, you didn’t know what you were doing.
Buddha the real one and all copies and souls and spirits are all in hell, there will be no more karma play anymore, only natural law in justice.

So, “Our Father, who art in heaven,hallowed be thy name;thy kingdom come;thy will be done;on earth as it is in heaven.Give us this day our daily bread.And forgive us our trespasses,as we forgive those who trespass against us.And lead us not into temptation;but deliver us from evil.For thine is the kingdom, [and] the power, and the glory,for ever and ever. Amen.”

NOTE: I forgive those souls that trespassed against me but those souls must be Holy and or on my book, the other souls watch out, there is no forgiveness in magic and trickery and lies, cheats and stealing.  Justice will be swift.  Karma is now my thing not the Dally Lamba who whatever, he was not god but more people believe in Buddha and all these false gods and confuse the messages of everlasting life, and even Muslim’s don’t understand the Koran.   Most people can’t read the bible without seeing the story, it’s just like my journals online I kept, of my life, but my life is boring compared to the bible about 1100 pages of text on mine.

Yea, I am further reminding you all that I am human and bleed, I’m not anyone special, I know for a fact that this book I wrote is divine to me, I allowed permissions and the souls and spirits that energy that is full of empty space, the particles that exist and annihilate each other, the neutrinos and smaller and a network of stuff that has intelligence is not science fiction, I believe in it that this is faith, the 5th element or power of the universe.  Entropy and energy is neither created nor destroyed it changes form, are laws that the play in heaven too, but our future jumped time and that explains, but one thing I learned in RCIA training to be a catholic you have to have that mystery for faith, just believe it.

Here is my August 6th event that made a huge dent in my life more than those dents on my Subaru Outback that the insurance company totaled it I bought the car back not knowing for lack of communication with my wife, that it was covered. I wasted a lot of money fixing that car, but it’s a holy car now.  I didn’t bother trying to find a new car for me, I figure that is punishment for what i did to be a laughing stock of Seattle, but I’m just theories of theories please once I publish this novel, please buy it and share, it’s going to be good one, science fiction romantic novel with sex and hate and all the emotions that prescription drugs that my doctors put me on, numbed.  Done by the detective who I asked if he know Casey Knowles for his voice was very strong in my mind but it was just crazy talk or is it a theory I have and will haunt me for the end of my days.  Everlasting life the energy that makes emotions change DNA and scientists don’t know what it is, the particle accelerators we are trying to find him, God the spirit ,the soul the force, I call it dark and light.  I have been measuring with my trusted Geiger Counter background radiation and noticed when I am manic it’s low and when I am sad it’s high in my own prison cell I punish myself to stay, the bed room where Yukiko was shot by a gun this past Summer and among other unfortunate events that followed Easter.


3 thoughts on “Chaotic Drive 2 GTA6

  1. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having
    a tough time locating it but, I’d like to send you an email.
    I’ve got some recommendations for your blog you
    might be interested in hearing. Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing
    it improve over time.

    1. I was mostly likely in jail for a year during my chaotic crime spree. It sucked, anyway, I look like you sent a message 5/27/2017, I was on speed doing the drug that makes me want to work. I like Hunter S Thompson and I am doing Gonzo Recovery. I have been up since Thursday, I need to flush more liquids into my system, I have a UA on Tuesday. I last used meth at 10 PM Friday. I snorted it, I guess it’s ok, but I got paranoid as shit when the Friday came, I was stuck in my bed, listening to my heart and lungs. I don’t want to repeat the shit again, I have a bit left, but going to take it on Thursday, for the energy rush to get my servers and century link and Xfinity running three websites. I am trying to be cool and ready to rock.

    2. I have no idea what I am doing with WordPress shit, I use to make websites with Dreamweaver, and this automatic do the code not knowing how to code, this sucks. I made a mistake on this wordpress shit ,and ordered a domain name that was for a free one to use, and want so I am trying to get support to fix this shit, and give me free domain back

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